Alpha Finance Lab Price Prediction for 2022-2026


The Alpha Finance Lab seems to be forgotten by some people of the market. During my market analysis of the coin, I realized that rank #164 for this crypto is still quite underrated. After reading a lot about the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem and DeFi products, I believe Alpha finance lab should be on the radar of crypto enthusiasts thinking of seriously leveraging their investments using interesting assets.

Alpha Finance Lab Overview

Cryptocurrency Alpha Finance Lab
Ticker Symbol ALPHA
Price $0.3083
Price Change 24h +6.38%
Price Change 7d -3.72%
Market cap $74,254,062
Circulating Supply 446,330,126 ALPHA
Trading Volume $32,441,789
All time high $2.92
All time low $0.0257
Alpha Finance Lab ROI +119.86%

In this article, we will take a deep dig at Alpha Finance Lab’s crypto and explain everything you should know about investing in the Alpha finance token.

So, let’s get started with Alpha Finance Lab price prediction!

What Is Alpha Finance Lab (ALPHA)?

Alpha Finance Lab is a cross-chain platform (DeFi Space) that wants to build an ecosystem of products that can interoperate and bring alpha to users across several different blockchains networks, starting with Ethereum and Binance. The native token for this investment platform will be the Finance Lab Alpha coin. The holders of ALPHA can receive a share of the network fees simply by staking the ALPHA coins to cover any faulty loans. The same investment portfolio tokens can also be used for liquidity mining and governance of the network by voting.

Alpha Finance Lab is going to implement governance in two levels using a DAO. Product-level governance will allow ALPHA token holders to vote on the key variables of the APLHA products. The Alpha finance’s level governance will enable the ALPHA token holders to vote on how the portfolio of the Alpha products interoperates.

There is a load of products that ALPHA plans to bring to the users. The first project of Alpha Lending is a decentralized finance, pool-based lending protocol where users can earn interest by supplying supported assets to the protocol. Resources deposited by the lenders will be transferred into a smart contract aggregating the total liquidity of each coin into pooled funds from where borrowers can borrow. The interest borrowers pay is distributed proportionally to the lending of the liquidity providers.

If the buyers want to be the lenders, they can choose to deposit their supported asset into the band protocol. Once deposited, the user will get interest-bearing tokens representing the user’s share of tokens deposited. Borrowing works differently. Before a user can borrow, they need to first deposit supported assets to act as collateral. After providing the collateral, they are assigned an LTV ratio, according to which they can now borrow.

Let’s look at some other products that Alpha Finance Labs offers for investing. AlphaX is a product built by Alpha Finance Lab, the 2nd product in the Alpha DeFi ecosystem after Alpha Homora, also the Alpha Lending product. Unlike other platforms, AlphaX is an innovative way to make profits from crypto volatility. When taking a look at the current derivative trading concepts applied on-chain, there are two main concepts. The first is perpetual swaps (for example, dYdX, Perpetual Protocol, etc.), and the second is leverage tokens (for example, ETH2xFLI by IndexCoop, although not exactly a derivative).

AlphaX combines the pros of both concepts while learning from the cons of each to create an entirely new concept – Strike Tokens. Strike Tokens is a completely new take on derivatives trading. With the Strike Tokens concept, AlphaX is designed to be very easy to use by any DeFi user and composable with any DeFi protocols on-chain.

Alpha Homora is a product of Alpha Finance Lab. Alpha Homora is the first leveraged yield farming product in DeFi, first deployed on Ethereum. Now, Alpha Homora is also available on BSC. BNB lenders can earn high interest on BNB. The lending interest rate comes from leveraged yield farmers borrowing these BNB to yield farms. Yield farmers can get even higher farming APY and trading fees APY from leveraged yield farming positions. By taking leverage, Alpha Homora would borrow BNB on users’ behalf to yield farm.

Alpha Buy Wall

Alpha Buy Wall, a smart contract that allows any user to bid for any NFT of a particular collection, essentially providing a price floor for that NFT collection.

How does ALPHA Buy Wall Work?

Alpha Buy Wall will require bidders to use ETH to place bids on NFTs. The exchange process will consist of two parties, a bidder and a seller.


Deposit ETH, which will be locked on Alpha Buy Wall contract, to bid for floor NFTs. If matched, you will exchange your locked ETH with an arbitrary NFT of the given collection.

  1. Go to Alpha Buy Wall and click Set Buy Wall for the NFT collection you want to place a bid for.
  2. Let’s say you want to bid on any 0N1 Force; simply click on bid Now. You can also see the active buy wall or other bids placed by other bidders on this page.
  3. That’s it! Once you place a bid, your active bid will be shown there. You can also put more bids or cancel the existing bids here. If your bid is the highest bid and the seller decides to sell the NFT at that bid value, Alpha Buy Wall will exchange your ETH with an arbitrary NFT of the given collection.


Sell NFT for instant ETH liquidity at the highest bid price. Alpha Buy Wall will match and conduct the exchange process.

  1. Go to Alpha Buy Wall and click Sell Now for the NFT collection you want to sell.
  2. Let’s say you want to sell 0N1 Force; you can check the highest price bid in the Buy Wall section. If satisfied with the highest bid price, you can click ‘Sell to highest bid’ in the Sell section.
  3. Once you click Sell to the highest bid, a pop-up below will appear. In this step, you can input the minimum acceptable bid to prevent having this NFT sold at a value too low in the case that the highest bidder cancels the bid at the moment you are about to sell.

Another product of Alpha Finance Lab is Provably Rare Gems, which are ERC-1155 tokens for gemstones for use in the metaverse. Using a Proof-of-Work (PoW) concept, GEMs are mined with off-chain proof-of-work, ensuring provable rarity and fair distribution while also allowing more GEMs to be discovered indefinitely as global demand grows (though it becomes exponentially harder over time to discover new GEMs).

Anyone can mine these GEMs (see the section below for how to mine these GEMs). Once the mining starts, mining a GEM requires the miner to determine a salt that together with the GEM type hashes to a small number, similar to how Bitcoin and Ethereum’s Proof-of-Work operates. The smaller the output number, the higher the chance of success.

Alpha Team has also created a marketplace for NFT assets that still haven’t been traded anywhere in the blockchain landscape. Andre, the creator of Yearn Finance, launched his own RPG game, the #RarityManifested. This game is similar to an ordinary role-playing game but on the blockchain. It consists of users obtaining ‘summoners’ and leveling these characters to adventure or play around in the rarity world.

Surprisingly, with all its traction, there was no marketplace to invest these summoners among the users. Unquestionably, this was also detected by the Alpha Team; thus, they began creating this marketplace and deployed it on the Fantom Chain.

The Alpha Launchpad DeFi incubator program is the first and only launchpad program created by builders for builders. Alpha Launchpad focuses on incubating DeFi projects from the ground up and driving significant growth post-launch.

Tokenomics of Alpha Finance Lab

Each of the alpha finance’s products is made to address the market gaps and problems in the sector and try to solve them to maximize returns while offering minimal risk exposure by implementing such techniques. That said, ALPHA tokenomics is unique as it allows one to earn fees from the entire ALPHA ecosystem by staking. It doesn’t matter if the user is staking on one protocol or another. As long as it is an alpha product, the staking rewards are automatically compounded for buyers.

Alpha finance lab also has other features where the token, after being staked, allows the user to unlock unique features of Alpha finance’s products when using those products as a staker. This is one of the first times when tokenomics has been directly integrated with the popular usage of the underlying core protocol. Also, depending on how many APLHA tokens a user stakes, there are five Alpha Tiers. The more a user stakes, the higher their Alpha Tier ratings will be.

As we can see, there are so many features to the tokenomics of the Alpha protocol. The higher Tier rating means that the user can unlock hidden functions. As a result, tokenomics makes the value not limited to fee collection but integral to using core Alpha protocols in the ecosystem. As the project continues to grow, they are planning to increase the products they launch and grow the ecosystem as a result.

The token governance has used approximately 20 percent of the funds raised. 75 percent is allocated to technical and business development. 15 percent is allocated to marketing. 5 percent to operations. 15 percent to legal fees. The Alpha Finance Lab’s team has its funds stored as stablecoins and fiat currencies. Funds are kept in multi-sig wallets and USD bank accounts. For safety, the movement of funds requires the approval of at least 2 executives of Alpha Finance Lab.

There are three prominent use cases for the Finance Lab Alpha coin. That is liquidity mining, staking, and governance voting rights. By acting as an alpha lender, the users earn rewards. By staking, the token holders can deposit their tokens into a smart contract, which utilizes these tokens to cover any default loans. And the governance is implemented via DAO on two levels, i.e., product level and finance level.

Technical Price Analysis of the ALPHA

The future price of crypto coins depends on market cycles, volume changes, similar coins, and current price changes. The price of ALPHA Finance in the year 2021 started with a tremendous uptrending spike, creating a new 52 week high for the entire year in a matter of 2 months. After the peak of February 2021, the Finance lab Alpha price started to fall gradually. During this period, the volatility shot up, creating an overbought condition in the RSI technical indicators as early as January 2021.

Alpha finance lab price prediction

The finance lab alpha price continues to increase with the volatility following the same increase till March. The Bollinger bands show this increase in volatility as the Alpha price continues to move up since January. However, the volatile nature of the ALPHA token price made it so stable for the RSI indicator that the RSI didn’t create any signal till August. Even now, the RSI hasn’t created any great overbought or oversold signal, meaning that the current price is stable and within the expectations of the investment market.

Alpha price prediction

The beginning of 2021 started with the price of Alpha finance staying well above the 50 day moving average. For this case, we have used a simple moving average instead of an exponential moving average as it is deemed more suitable in this analysis. Since the accumulation of Jan 2021, the asset has failed to show any strong sign of accumulation marked by strong volume-backed market participation to this day. This helps us determine that the market may not be much interested, and there is relatively less manipulation in Finance lab Alpha Price.

The current price looks as if it is forming a consolidation base. The support levels are already there, and if a breakout occurs, it would be better to invest this coin for 4 weeks. However, depending on the strength of the breakout, it may be a good idea to go long or short for 3 months, depending on the risk tolerance of the individual trader or investor.

Alpha Finance Lab Price Predictions: 2022-2026

We have used technical analysis and the best crypto coin price prediction data modeling algorithms to determine the Finance Lab ALPHA price prediction over the next 5 years. Although using historical data to predict the future price is not the right indication of the ALPHA price, it should be noted that this is not an investment horoscope of Alpha finance lab price. Investors must understand their risk tolerance, conduct their own research, and how they want to enter the financial markets. As the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and subject to risks, there always lies a possibility that the whole thing might come crumbling down, proving any investment advice and Alpha coin price prediction wrong.

Alpha Finance Lab (ALPHA) Price Prediction 2022

As per the forecast, the future price of ALPHA finance is predicted to reach a minimum level of $1.45. The Alpha Finance Lab price can reach a maximum level of $1.78. The average value throughout the year will be around $1.50.

Alpha Finance Lab Price Prediction 2023

The market price of Alpha Finance Lab is forecast to reach a minimum price of $2.17, with a maximum price of $2.57 in the year 2023. The average trading predicted price throughout the year is expected to be near $2.24.

ALPHA Price Prediction 2024

As per the data, price prediction models for the Alpha price suggest, the minimum price level of Alpha Finance Lab will be $3.20. The maximum price will be $3.77, with an average trading price of around $3.29 throughout 2024.

Finance Lab ALPHA Price Prediction 2025

According to the technical analysis for the year 2025, the minimum price of Alpha Finance Lab will be $4.69, and the maximum price level will be $5.48. The average price will be $4.82 in 2025.

ALPHA Price Prediction 2026

The price prediction and analysis show that the minimum price of ALPHA Finance is expected to be $6.83. The maximum price will be $8.42 while maintaining the average price of $7.08 in the year 2026.


Where can I buy Alpha Finance Lab (ALPHA)?

Alpha finance’s coin is listed on some exchanges, including Binance and UniSwap. It is recommended to use Binance for trading. You may need to buy other cryptos first and then exchange them for ALPHA tokens since it is impossible to buy Alpha finance directly using fiat currency.

Is Alpha Finance Lab a good investment?

As we have seen in the analysis and in Alpha Finance Lab price prediction, it is creating an ecosystem where many of the operations will require the use of the native utility token for its functions. By spreading across DeFi and creating an outstanding service in the market, it could be possible for Alpha Finance to become profitable over time as a good investment asset for your portfolio. However, the future price of any crypto assets is uncertain, so do your own research on market sentiment before investing and taking any final decision.

How much is the Alpha Finance Lab (ALPHA) worth?

At the moment, the Alpha Finance lab coin has a market cap of $444 million with a circulating supply of 446 million ALPHA tokens. This makes up about 45 percent of the maximum supply, which is capped at 1 billion ALPHA coins.

Is Alpha Finance Lab (ALPHA) secure enough?

The ALPHA finance lab token is an ERC 20 token, and it is backed by the Ethereum blockchain network, considered to be one of the safest and robust blockchains out there. The mining network uses a proof of work (PoW) to keep the network secure and maintain its network integrity. As per our research, Alpha Finance Lab also conducts external audits on its smart contracts to ensure they are secure and up to the finest security standards. However, only rely on the crypto coin price prediction to increase your profit-making chances.

What is Alpha Finance Lab Price Prediction 2030?

The data predictions models based on the historical data show that the price of Alpha Finance Lab will reach an average trading price of $15.04. The ALPHA maximum price and minimum price levels will be $17.07 and $14.94, respectively.


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