Announcing The Launch of Holly Sonders NFTs — A Personal Collection of 10,000 Hottest NFTs


Announcing The Launch of Holly Sonders NFTs -- A Personal Collection of 10,000 Hottest NFTs

Holly Sonders — a pro-golfer turned supermodel, has announced the Launch of Holly Sonders NFTs, a personal collection of 10,000 sexy and unique NFTs. The Holly Sonders NFT launch is not just a Holly fans Web3 NFT launch, but rather a representation of 10,000 unique, sexy and rare pictures as an NFT collection with fascinating benefits for digital art collectors. 

Non-Fungible Tokens are one-of-a-kind tokens that enable the owner to hold a unique digital item or asset. In an unprecedented surge, the NFT market exploded over 2021’s Q1, as total sales hit above $2 billion, representing an increase of over 2000 percent from the previous quarter. NFTs have quickly become one of the most popular crypto trends since the “DeFi summer” of 2020, with increasingly more crypto enthusiasts and investors seeking to leverage these unique blockchain-based assets.

Holly Sonders, a former FOX Sports broadcaster, businesswoman, successful athlete, supermodel, and professional golfer, has taken a deep dive into the NFT universe by offering her fans unseen, sexiest NFTs along with some interesting perks. In the last few years, she has built her own multi-million-dollar empire that comprises fashion endorsements from some of the world’s most recognized brands including Vixen, Balmain, and Ambush as well as online modeling. Clearly, she is the real definition of beauty with brains!

The supermodel has established a partnership with NFT industry leader, Creatify, to launch 10,000 rare, sexy NFTs for Holly fans and digital art collectors. With over 800k social media followers and 11000+ discord community members, she’s bringing spicy flavor to the industry by offering unique NFTs with cool benefits that were never imagined to be feasible with an NFT.

  • Holly Sonders is releasing 1000 limited and unseen images — exclusive, sexy, topless, and even more. One Holly Sonders NFT gives access to:
  • Exclusive LIFETIME membership to Holly’s NFT community
  • One album of 100 unreleased photos, $5,000-$10,000 value
  • 15 minute exclusive AMA Zoom for NFT holders
  • Golf Day with Holly prize-draw for one lucky NFT holder ($2k of travel expenses paid)
  • NFT Holders get Early Access to future drops
  • Holly KandyKrush game access and a lot more.

Additionally, participants can collect all 10 albums to get all 1000 unreleased photos. More so, only verified NFT holders will actually be able to claim Holly Sonders dazzling NFTs benefits.

Holly Sonders NFT Collection is an Ethereum-based range of digital collectibles. One Holly Sonders NFT purchase is worth $5,000-$10,000 of value right off the rip but will be priced at 0.08 ETH to start. In order to participate in the NFT sale, participants will need to download a compatible crypto wallet such as Metamask, and then buy Ethereum using a credit/debit card before the sale. Ethereum is needed to purchase a Holly NFT. Once this is done, they just need to click the Mint NFT button to begin.

Holly’s NFTs will be available for purchase Tuesday, Nov 23rd, 11am EST.

About Holly Sonders

Holly Wonders, a former FOX sports broadcaster, pro golfer, and supermodel, is a huge advocate and promoter of self-care with a comprehensive knowledge of skincare, diet, supplements, and nutrition which she feels can slow down the aging process. With a strong social media following, Holly is offering her followers sexy and unique NFTs that unlock 1000 more unreleased photos, AMA video sessions, a day of golf with Holly, Holly KandyKrush video game access, and much more!

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