Decentraland Price Prediction for 2022-2025


Decentraland: The Land Beneath

Today human interaction and socialization have become overwhelmingly virtual. One cannot neglect the recent social media boom. Most people have moved their social and business relationships to their phones or laptop. Fiat currency purchases of land are quite heard of, but virtual purchase land through virtual currencies is an entirely novel concept. Check this overview before we start with Decentraland price prediction.

Decentraland Overview

Cryptocurrency Decentraland
Ticker Symbol MANA
Price $1.19
Price Change 24 hours +11.32%
Price Change 7 days -6.09%
Market cap $1,933,872,430
Circulating Supply 1,844,079,805 MANA
Trading Volume $239,408,231
All time high $5.90
All time low $0.007883
Decentraland ROI +3972.41%

Trade Decentraland Now

Based on the Ethereum blockchain with an indisputable record of ownership, the Decentraland platform of the game has been created to attach an all-new control over the virtual land of users who can now purchase, build and monetize virtual reality applications through Decentraland.

Decentraland users are better empowered to take charge of the environment and applications they create within their land. The official social media account of the platform always keeps its views updated with upcoming events. A comprehensive data of the deal made is recorded on the blockchain, and hence the information on this virtual reality platform is safe and secure.

Decentraland (MANA): A Virtual Marvel

All the assets and land parcels shown in the game can be purchased with the native token, called MANA, be it roads or plazas. Since the Land possession is an NFT recorded on the decentralized blockchain Ethereum using the ERC-721 standards, transferability and security emerge as prominent metaverse game features.

It’s still early days for virtual worlds even though the Decentraland project is specifically conceptualized to attract players who have aged out of the children’s games, for the teenagers and young adults who seek deeper human connections based more upon socializing and transacting than on treasure hunt. In January 2022, Decentraland took a step further to aim mass adoption hosting a complete virtual coverage of the Australian Open tennis tournament starting from January 17, fusing metaverse and reality, giving the experience of live broadcasts, daily POAP’s and many more. Lets dive deeper into Decentraland MANA price prediction and technical analysis.

Decentraland: Laying the Foundation

As the fastest growing virtual world, Decentraland was developed by an Argentinian group in 2016 by Esteban Ordano and Ariel Meilich with Chief Executive Officer James Ashton. Decentraland has raised $25.5M in funding from six high-profile users. It includes Animoca Brands, Boost VC, Fabric Ventures, Genesis One Capital, Fundamental Labs, and George Burke.