Gnosis Price Prediction for 2022-2026


What is Gnosis?

Gnosis GNO is an open-source, decentralized prediction market platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. The company’s core objectives include customized information search, the standard for predictive assets, and becoming the most effective forecasting tool in the industry. The main interoperable products of Gnosis are used for creating, trading, and holding digital assets on Ethereum. Let us glance at the current details of Gnosis and understand the Gnosis price prediction for the future.

Gnosis Overview

Cryptocurrency Gnosis
Ticker Symbol GNO
Price $323.71
Price Change 24H +4.34%
Price Change 7D -1.65%
Market Cap $532,338,067
Circulating Supply 2,579,588 GNO
Trading Volume $8,152,843
All Time High $1,088.87
All Time Low $7.05
Gnosis ROI +299.22%

Gnosis’s website has a developer portal that helps the developers with tutorials and documentation. Apart from this, it provides funding up to $100,000 for developer teams for mentoring, marketing, and funding. Corb, Alice, and Dorg are some of the projects that got Gnosis’s support. The effective information search and sharing facility allows participants to share and acquire information about the market. It will help make accurate market decisions, which leads to an adjustment of market entities’ value. The Gnosis GNO website has detailed tutorials for every use case of the protocol. Any ecosystem service can provide new technological solutions for users within a few years’ time horizons.

How Does Gnosis Work?

Token listing in Gnosis GNO is a permissionless process, and anyone can list tokens by burning 10 fee tokens. The fee tokens are OWL, which is derived from GNO. Arbitrary limit sell orders can be placed by any Ethereum address, and 1% of the total traded amount will be taken as a trade fee.

Dutch exchange of Gnosis is a decentralized exchange for ERC-20 tokens. The DEX works on the Dutch auction principle. There are mainly two states for working these exchanges; the first stage is before the auction, where sellers deposit their tokens. And the second stage is running an auction when buyers are active. Tokens that sellers submit for auction will be considered for the next auction. But one can submit no tokens into the system while running the auction. When the number of tokens bought and sold is balanced, and its price cleared, then the auction stops.

Gnosis decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) stands for a pool of Gnosis uses that helps the user with guidance on the development, support, and governance of its token ecosystem. GnosisDAO has effective control over 150K ETH and 8 million GNO tokens. Gnosis governance is primarily conducted in the GnosisDAO category on the Gnosis forum. It includes three phases 1 ideation, phase 2 specification, and phase 3 consensus and proposal to be activated on the final stage. The final phase offers a signaling method that uses GNO tokens. Polls for proposals of an item are conducted on GnosisDAO snapshot. Minimum one GNO is required to sign in the poll.

One can manage the digital asset of Ethereum on Gnosis safe, which has offered secure asset management for the last four years. Gnosis impact app uses prediction market prices for calculating price impact on GNO of a proposal outcome. Gnosis safe is also known as a multi-signaling wallet, which allows a group of people to control their funds collectively. It holds ETH and ERC-20 tokens to integrate with web3 wallets.

Overview of Gnosis Protocol

Gnosis GNO has been developing its trading protocol since 2017. It is a fully permissionless decentralized exchange. With its ring trade feature, trades that share liquidity will get maximum liquidity across all orders. The settlement of trades happens every 5 minutes. Gnosis protocol V2 batch auctions offer maximum extractable value protection and integration with liquidity sources in decentralized exchanges for best-priced trades. In the Gnosis team’s opinion, Gnosis has the most reliable price projections in prediction markets after its launch.

The Gnosis GNO ecosystem constitutes three main layers; the Gnosis core layer consists of smart contracts that govern the outcome creation and settlement and provide a market mechanism. The layers are always open for use. The main two smart contracts are Epochtoken locker and Batchexchange. Former deals with a staged deposit, deposit balance as well as withdrawal of funds. Later deals with all exchange-related logic, orders placement and adjustments, submission, and verification of solutions. Gnosis service layer offers additional services, including optimization tools, chatbots, stable coins. Gnosis application layer stands to help predict market use case or customer segment. Gnosis and third parties build applications.

The protocol has a facility called ‘Coincidence of Wants.’ When two-person hold the same asset and a third person wants both these assets, it is easy to settle the trade using ‘Coincidence of Wants’ without a third party help or liquidity provider.

‘Balancer-Gnosis-Protocol’ combines the benefits of both the previous protocols. Liquidity provision of Gnosis protocol helps keep a simple liquidity provision strategy for stable coins, and it makes use of their fluctuation around $1.

Overview of GNO Token

GNO is the native token of Gnosis. The ERC-20 Gnosis ICO was held in April 2017. 10 million GNO tokens have been created, trading in several exchanges across the globe. Around 12.5 Million USD has been raised by ICO that is nearly 250000 ETH. There are 10 million total tokens in circulation, which is approximately 95% of the total. GNO token supply decreases with time. Platform fees in Gnosis are paid using OWL tokens. These are tokens generated from activating the utility of GNO tokens. ERC tokens can be created by locking GNO tokens in smart contracts. The amount of OWL tokens created is proportional to the length of the locking period, also depending on the total amount of OWL tokens in the market.

The main reason for paying the Gnosis ecosystem fee using OWL instead of GNO is that the utility arises from locked GNO. Holding GNO will generate a new OWL, and users can use OWL. GNO is trading in almost all major crypto exchanges across the globe. The two stages of the final phase of governance are paying using GNO.

Gnosis Technical Analysis

Gnosis price today is trading around $411.05 with a 24-hour volume of $7,488,587.27. It has a total market cap of $766,610,468.94 with a circulating supply of 1,865,027 GNO. The highest price at which it is traded was $1,088.87 in November, supported by a huge volume. The all-time low was $7.05, which was in March 2020. Gnosis was a good investment for its investors in the last year because it gave massive returns to its investors. The last year was a very good year for GNO, like many other altcoins.

GNO Forecast

Historical data of Gnosis price shows that it is on a continuous uptrend considering the long-term charts. GNO managed to be a profitable investment option for GNO enthusiasts, avoiding normal price fluctuations.

Gnosis Predictions

Gnosis technical analysis on the chart shows, there was a continuous uptrend in Gnosis cryptocurrency with significant volatility in the token price. GNO managed to show considerable volatility, and the price action on the November 08 2021 candle on the GNO token, which is taken as the all-time high of Gnosis GNO. Currently, there is a slight correction observed which might go up in the near future resulting positive trend.

Gnosis Forecast
Analyzing the Gnosis coin chart, it kept falling for the last two consecutive days. Immediate support is placed at $361.90. Any fall below this level can take the GNO token price to $317.91, and a major support zone is between $272.51 and $224.27. Any turnaround of the price of Gnosis will test the resistance of $442.77, and if Gnosis cryptocurrency can break this level, the major resistance is placed above $483.92.

GNO Price Forecast

Reading the most popular technical indicators, MACD moves above the signal line, indicating a further possible upside price movement. RSI is placed at 57.25, showing a positive sign for the coin.

GNO Token Forecast

The coin is trading far above its 20, 50, and 200 EMA. The current market sentiments are favorable for Gnosis cryptocurrency. So for a profitable long-term investment, traders and investors can wait for an entry-level. Check out our yearly price predictions to know more about the future of Gnosis cryptocurrency.

Gnosis Price Predictions 2022-2026

Though crypto has passed through a favorable market journey over the last year, now the cryptocurrency market reflects moderate trends, especially over the previous two weeks. The same was visible in Gnosis also. The cryptocurrency market is going through a crucial situation because it faces regulation and bans threats from many countries. Despite all the global fears, prominent market theorists and crypto enthusiasts anticipate future possible growth in altcoins and BTC prediction markets. The same has been reflected in the digital coin GNO price forecast.

The Gnosis GNO coin price prediction 2021 shows a mixed momentum because technical analysis sentiments are already showing a bearish trend in price predictions.

Gnosis GNO Price Prediction 2022

Gnosis GNO price forecast is predicted to record significant growth in its price level. The year is beginning around $538.24 and according to our GNO coin prediction, the predicted price is moving downwards over the last two days. However, we forecast significant growth as per the prediction market. After August 2022, GNO price may cross $580.30. The average price is expected to be around $533.86, and the minimum price might be around $504.82.

Gnosis Coin Price Forecast 2023

Gnosis coin price prediction suggests the price may begin at $593.64; the price predictions will show a surge to $690.31 within the next four months. Gnosis price predictions expect a move above $696.07 by October 2023. Gnosis price forecast is anticipated to reach the $658.07 price mark by the end of 2023. The average price at which the coin trades will be around $596.71. The minimum price is expected to be $543.55.

GNO Coin Price Forecast 2024

GNO price prediction begins at $742.61 in 2024. Gnosis price foresees a level till $867.37 by the end of the year, it is a huge value, and GNO price prediction gives a lot of hope for investors within few years time horizon.

Gnosis Price Prediction 2025

Gnosis price prediction is expected to begin at $932.00; the price movement for this year will be slow compared to the previous years. There might be significant price volatility as per the forecast. In the middle of the year, the Gnosis price is expected to reach $1,019.82.

Gnosis Price Prediction 2026

There might be a slight correction in the year 2026 as compared to the year 2025. As per the data and technical analysis, our Gnosis price prediction suggests that the maximum trading price is expected to be around $792.21, whereas the minimum price and average trading value is expected to be around $666.96 and $735.58, respectively. There is a lot of positivity among investors w.r.t Gnosis GNO.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Gnosis?

It is available in Binance, AscendEX,, Uniswap, Kraken, Sushiswap, etc.

Is Gnosis a good investment?

Gnosis cryptocurrency shows a considerable rise which makes it a profitable investment. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, so there is no universal consensus that the price will go high. The above data for information purposes cannot be taken as investment advice. Hence before investing in a coin, your own research and proper financial advice are needed.

Will Gnosis (GNO) price increase in the future?

Yes! As per our forecast, the price of Gnosis will increase in the future, and Gnosis will turn out to be a great asset in the long term.

How high can GNO prices go?

Whether long-term or short-term, GNO holds a lot of potentials to help you earn good returns. If you stay patient enough, and if the coin continues its past trend, it will definitely hit the $1,966.78 mark in 2030.

Is Gnosis GNO a better investment than Ethereum?

As per our analysis and historical data comparison of both, you can get around 1.5X more profit in GNO than in Ethereum; last year, Ethereum’s Annualized ROI was 404.21%, and GNO was 631.84%. You can check Ethereum price prediction here for more details.

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