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Want to change the look of your character’s face in Roblox, but you don’t want to use the ugly default skin decal? Learn how to create a custom face on Roblox! Creating custom roblox faces can be done in two ways, one much easier than the other. If you have basic knowledge of Blender, this will be quite easy, but if not, it might take you quite some time and patience. You can still customize your face using the instructions below, though!

Custom roblox faces are widely used by professional Roblox players

Sometimes, you just don’t want your character to be just another face in a crowd. A lot of people who play Roblox enjoy playing it and customizing their characters, using various different kinds of customization options and tools. Users create custom roblox faces for themselves or others in order to make a character with one’s own face instead of one that looks like everyone else’s. 

A custom made face is an instance where users have taken great time and effort to create something they love; there are plenty of communities based around these faces as well, allowing players to find other users who enjoy making or wearing custom Roblox faces.

Custom Roblox Faces
Custom Roblox Faces

The difference between custom faces and unique faces

As stated in the description, custom faces are faces that you create yourself. You can change whatever you want about them, from eye color to hairstyle and even skin tone. Custom faces vary depending on who creates them, so no two custom roblox faces are ever exactly alike (unless it’s made by a copycat or based on another player’s design). You can create your own unique face using photos found online (e.g., Google Image Search) or taken with your webcam/cellphone camera if you have one.

Things you need to know before starting to make a custom face

Building on what was said above, you will need to know before creating your own face. Specifically, you will need to know how to move around in Studio, be comfortable with creating parts (from scratch), and have at least some semblance of an idea as far as how things work together. While it is not required that you know any of these beforehand, they can certainly help your face building process go much smoother!

Step 1 – Choose Your Character Type

You’ll have three main options when creating your character: Boy, Girl, and Robot. Depending on what kind of face you’re looking for, you may want to choose a specific type. For example, if you want a really girly character, you might not be satisfied with choosing your face from an all-male library. On the other hand, choosing an androgynous boy’s face could make for an interesting female avatar. Other character types include hats and accessories such as shirts, pants, and shoes. These can always be changed later!

Step 2 – Make A Basic Shape For The Head

You have to have one before you can create a custom face for your character. There are many ways to go about making one, but all of them require you first to have basic knowledge of using Roblox Studio. For now, we’ll take that as given and focus entirely on how to shape it into something more recognizable. When creating your custom face in Studio, there are two different ways you can approach it: CAD (computer-assisted design) or FSB (face shape blank).

Step 3 – Give Details To The Basic Shape Of The Head

Let’s face it, your avatar’s face is just a basic shape at first. When making custom roblox faces, you’ll want to consider details such as how much larger or smaller you want your eyes, lips, and head in relation to one another. Sometimes users use their hands as reference tools for making sure things are even. 

Alternatively, you can upload images of people with facial features that you find appealing and compare them to what your character looks like now. Then simply copy & paste those facial features onto yours! This can be done while sculpting as well; just click attach once everything is perfectly symmetrical and save! As stated earlier, minor tweaks make all of the difference when creating custom Roblox faces; don’t forget that!

Step 4 – Give More Details To The Character

When creating custom Roblox faces, it’s important to remember that they must be clean. In other words, avoid using items in place of their elements, such as an orange for hair. This is where you’ll need your imagination. You can use hats, mouths, noses, and any other item imaginable. And don’t worry if your face doesn’t look exactly like what you want it too. 

Once you’ve created your custom face and saved it for future use, then you can edit your character head without having to create another custom face from scratch every time. But once again; Always make sure there are no gaps between body parts when making custom Roblox faces. Or else you’re going to run into some issues later on down the road when putting together animations (more about that later). On top of all that, keep in mind there are different sizes for heads, so make sure you choose appropriately (small or large) when importing custom heads into ROBLOX Studio. Finally, choose something unique!

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Step 5 – Final Touchups

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