Internet Computer Price Prediction for 2022-2026


Internet Computer: A Name Synonymous to Reliance & Transparency

Today, the internet is the ultimate king. World over, a mammoth exchange of data transpires on various servers, and the exchange of information solely relies on the data presented. However, if the source is not genuine or the data is not stored appropriately, the entire world could come to a catastrophe. Here, the complete data for Internet Computer Price Prediction will be available.

Internet Computer Overview

Cryptocurrency Internet Computer
Ticker Symbol ICP
Price $7.63
Price Change 24H +8.01%
Price Change 7D +3.37%
Market Cap $1,901,057,484
Circulating Supply 234,091,908 ICP
Trading Volume $122,208,062
All-Time High $750.73
All-Time Low No Data
Internet Computer ROI No Data

Realizing the significance of a network that could be fully trusted for security and storage, the Internet Computer was developed by Dfinity Foundation, a non-profit based in Zurich, Switzerland, as the world’s first blockchain technologies that runs at web speed and serves content the web, with unbounded capacity.

As a utility token, Internet Computer ICP allows users to participate in and govern the Internet Computer blockchain network. The objective behind the Internet Computer protocol is to help developers create websites, enterprise IT systems, internet services, and DeFi applications by installing their code directly on the public Internet.

Internet Computer (ICP): The Vision

As an open-source, public, cryptocurrency Internet Computer is a digital roadmap created with the primary objective of blockchain-founded data storage and retrieval. This genesis of Internet Computer aims to make the lives of traders, investors, and institutions easy by allowing them the facility of trading on multiple exchanges and benefitting them from price escalations. It is located across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Utilizing the web space is a paradigm to the function of the Internet Computer. Today, if you want to build new internet services, you will often need to incorporate user data, user relationships, or functionality contained. The Internet Computer provides a means to create services of the internet in a totally new way using “autonomous software.”