Is it a Good Investment?


For quite a few years, crypto market experts have been burning the midnight oil to produce a digital asset, the largest cryptocurrency that would be a one-stop solution for addressing all matters concerning scalability, inter-tradability, and power. All the hurdles and imaginative eccentricities surrounding the cryptocurrencies were put to rest when Cardano (ADA) was coined.

Cardano (ADA): Advantageous Digital Asset

Before we dig into the Cardano price prediction, let us have a look at some of the unique features of Cardano.

Cardano Overview

Cryptocurrency Cardano
Ticker Symbol ADA
Cardano Price Today $0.567
Price Change in last 24 hours +12.16%
Price Change 7d -4.24%
Market Cap $17,285,228,480
Circulating Supply 33,739,028,516 ADA
Trading Volume $585,205,036
All-time high $3.10
All-time low $0.01735
Cardano ROI +2282.3%

Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Ethereum himself, did not know that he was in for phenomenal gains when he made improvisations in his cherished digital offspring, making Cardano ADA price eliminating all flaws and limitations, giving the world a one-stop solution. Cardano blockchain combats all obstacles concerning scalability, interoperability, and governance.

1) Backed by a dedicated team of professionals burning the midnight oil to ensure the mechanism of Cardano is tailor-made to suit investor needs.

2) A 24/7 round-the-clock chat and email support ensures investors always enjoy the requisite hand-holding while carrying out any transactions.

3) Setting higher benchmarks for its users, this cryptocurrency market aims to generate tangible earning for all its investors.

4) Being an open-source code software, the functionality of Cardano operates on crystal-clear transparency as well as transaction confidentiality in the network.

5) The zero-disclosure evidence puts the power in the hands of the ultimate user, facilitating the entire transaction procedure’s mathematical consistency.

6) The mechanism of Cardano is so conceptualized that it ensures lightning-fast speed of transactions on the network.

7) Cardano can trap fraudulent or spurious transactions by peers wherein a confirmed block is capable of tracing the preceding block.

8) ADA owners have the advantage of earning rewards, either by sharing their stake to a stake pool run by others, or they can run their own stake pool.

Cardano Foundation: The Community Footprints

The innovative community at Cardano project is aimed at delivering monetary gains to the users by the company. It bears the value to educate and alert them on all the nitty-gritty of the crypto world. The foundation devoted to Cardano Foundation’s project has support from Input Output Hong Kong and Emurgo.

Adopting the complete charter of responsibility towards investor social cause, Emurgo supports commercial adoption, and IOHK looks after the texture. They are together responsible for proofreading the entire innovative phenomenon woven into Cardano technology, writing Formal Methods’ specifics. The whole portfolio is meticulously investigated and audited by professionals before a public release.

Cardano community is highly aggressive in spreading mass awareness of the digital asset ADA backed by education on blockchain and DeFi sectors with ambassadors, advocates, experts of industry. Leaving a global footprint supported by articulate strategies makes Cardano stand out from its peers and significantly impacts various industry segments.

Frederik Gregaard, the Chief Executive Officer, has the vision already pivotally carved for the corporate, “Cardano Foundation has a dedicated and high-caliber talent base, which will take Cardano to new heights, and I anticipate that the next few years will be a significant growth period for the protocol.”

Cardano: The Recent Upgrades

There were a lot of upgrades for Cardano in the recent past, Alonzo Purple was the most impactful upgrade! Now comes the hydra upgrade that has attracted the attention of a lot of people! The Alonzo Purple upgrade brought a massive change in the form of smart contracts. It has opened the doors for non-fungible tokens (NFT) and revolutionized the chain. It will also add value to the coin, and will help to make the value double at the end of this year.

Not just that, Cardano ADA witnessed 100 million active wallets, back in May, but the number of wallets has doubled to 200 million in the last six months. Now, the network will have the support level up its scalability to better accommodate the new users. Here Hydra upgrades play a vital role.

Hydra is a layer-2 scaling solution for Cardano, and it helps push the network for commercial use. It will introduce 1000 Hydra nodes, which are capable of handling 1000 transactions per second. If it is true, then Cardano will be the highest-scaling network in the world.

However, no launch date has been announced yet, but the news increases the current market value of ADA coin. It is currently trading above $0.90 mark and secures its place as the ninth-largest in the cryptocurrency market according to the market capitalization.

Cardano Technical Analysis

Cardano’s growth has been significant throughout the last year. Currently, it is the 9th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. The growth is mainly due to the boost in its use cases. Recently, the ADA Cardano network has announced yet another upgrade to make the transaction smooth and easy.

Now the Cardano price predictions are a center of interest for many investors. ADA Cardano Price for the last 7 days was in a range between $0.87 to $0.98. The overall recommendation is Buy! Here’s a real-time technical analysis for the Cardano!

There is a lot to be said about the technical analysis side of cryptocurrency. Cardano’s native token, ADA, is traded on various exchanges by millions of users worldwide and has positioned itself with its inherent potential among its other crypto rivals, gaining significant traction. The Cardano ADA market cap as of the last November is $61,345,625,976. Since the beginning of the ongoing year, ADA/USD has managed to reflect moderate momentum after hitting a low around $0.76.

Moreover, the Cardano price has managed to hold strong support of $0.70 from the beginning of this year. However, after hitting $1.60 in January, the ADA price was trading at lower levels. Then, the currency showed a significant recovery showing quite a bullish pattern boosted by a strong growth despite the adverse market trends from mid-March.

After breaching the $1.20 mark, the price of Cardano faced rejection and corrected and fell below $1. However, over the last 24 hours, the coin reflects possibility of price recovery.

Cardano V/S Other Coins

To know the real growth of any altcoin, it becomes vital to contrast crypto predictions for the performance and fundamentals of cryptocurrencies to that of an altcoin. Currently, Binance Coin is in 3rd position after Bitcoin and Ethereum. Cardano is in the ninth position, with a bright future to move up in the rank. Below is a comparative chart that clearly shows the growth of future Cardano prices!

ADA vs BTC vs ETH vs BNB

Cardano V/S Bitcoin

The current price of Bitcoin is around $41k, whereas the current price of Cardano is around $0.94. Bitcoin (BTC) is a king of cryptocurrency and is a safer investment option as it has a bigger community. Soon after the Bitcoin rally, many altcoins including Ethereum, Shiba Inu were rapidly growing.

Whereas, Cardano is still growing but is soon going to facilitate many dApps. With the success of smart contract integration, Cardano has great room for profits. Cardano may be able to give you high profits with less investment amount in the long term, says our Cardano price predictions.

Cardano V/S Ethereum

The current price of Ethereum is around $3100, whereas the current price is around $0.94. Cardano has a dual-layer design, whereas Ethereum employs a single-layer design. To put it in simple words, all the settlements and computations are independently carried out in Cardano, while in Ethereum all token transfers, calculations, and settlements are carried out simultaneously. The price of Cardano is surely going to rise because its blockchain is capable of offering numerous applications, due to which the demand is only going to increase in the coming days.

Cardano V/S Binance Coin

The current price of the Binance coin is around $427, whereas the current price of Cardano is around $0.94. Binance and Cardano are quite similar in terms of that they both use variations of the Proof of Stake protocols while other altcoins use the POW mechanism.