Exchange Is Shutting Down

0 Exchange Is Shutting Down

The Liqui cryptocurrency exchange is shutting down, and says it is giving its users a 30 day window to withdraw their funds. The exchange’s website displays a message detailing the decision to stop offering trading services:

“Much to our regret, after this step Liqui is no longer able to provide liquidity for the Users left. We also do not see any economic point in providing you with our services.”

In previous months, Liqui drew a lot of criticism in the cryptocurrency community for suddenly delisting several cryptocurrencies at once and  making withdrawals for the delisted cryptocurrencies unavailable after 15 days passed from the announcement. Users who did not see the delisting announcement in time lost access to their funds. 

Now, it appears Liqui is giving the affected users a second chance – the exchange says its customers have 30 days to withdraw their delisted assets, and the deadline for the currently listed cryptocurrencies is the same. If you have funds on Liqui, we recommend you to withdraw them as soon as possible.

Liqui is a small exchange, which is most likely influenced by their strange delisting policies. The exchange is currently ranked 118th by trading volume, having only processed $40,500 worth of trades in the last 24 hours. 

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