The Overview of NKN

The price of NKN had its own share of ups and downs. Near its peak, the NKN price reached the all-time high of $1.48 in April 2021. The NKN price equal $0.2896 today, which is 1.65% more than yesterday. Though the current market rank of #278 makes NKN underrated, in our opinion, the price of NKN is near its support levels. This might be a good time to analyze NKN price action and understand if it can generate good returns on investment.

NKN Overview

Cryptocurrency NKN
Ticker Symbol NKN
Price $0.08983
Price Change 24h -2.61%
Price Change 7d -17.22%
Market cap $58,503,600
Circulating Supply 700,000,000 NKN
Trading Volume $5,905,212
All time high $1.48
All time low $0.006411
NKN ROI -30.62%

Below is the compiled analysis of the technology, the network, and the NKN price predictions with the chart analysis to help you make better investment decisions in the future.

What is NKN Crypto?

The official whitepaper describes NKN or New Kind of Network as a new generation of highly scalable, self incentivized, and self-evolving public blockchain infrastructure. Using the Cellular Automata (CA) methodologies, NKN addresses the network’s self-evolution as well as decentralization for efficiency and dynamism. The Proof of Work mechanism achieves the tokenization of the NKN network’s connectivity and data transmission capacity.

NKN emphasizes decentralizing network resources in a way that is close to how Ethereum and Bitcoin operate by decentralizing computing power and how FileCoin and IPFS decentralize storage. All of this makes the NKN network efficient, decentralized, equalized, secure, robust and thus paves the way for creating an open Internet that is both healthier and safer for investing.

NKN Projects

The NKN ecosystem has three major projects as of now. These are:

It is a decentralized platform as a Service or PaaS. It is faster and reliable, with low messaging, streaming, and file transfer service for person to person, machine to human, as well as machine to machine communication. It has several use cases, some of which extend to Chats and Instant messaging services, Direct File Transfers, IoT communications, Remote control of servers, or Live chat support services.

It offers a lightweight SDK that supports Java, Go, Android, and iOS. The project is running using a freemium model for now, which makes it free to try, and eliminates the need to set up and maintain its own infrastructure.

To put it simply, nMobile is a messaging app powered by blockchain technology. The secure chat protects the user’s personal data by keeping it on the device. All the messages are encrypted, and no data is stored on the cloud. It supports both English and Chinese language.

It is 100% anonymous, where every client communicates on the network with a randomly generated ID. The platform is also open-source, unlike messaging platforms like WhatsApp. This means it is open to everyone, and this also encrypts the user information with a real private key that is a secret to everyone else.

It is a complete remote access solution tool that follows the highest security and privacy standards. The service enables its users to reach their private and personal data with just one click. It is accessible to its users at any time, regardless of their geographical location.

Since the NKN network has up to 30 thousand servers in more than 40 countries, the tunneling nodes are always available. It supports both TCP and UDP data transmission, which means it is robust and reliable. This also helps reduce the net latency by aggregating multiple concurrent paths and reaching new heights of reliability.

Why Use NKN?

The NKN network is aware of its use cases and how it will use peer-to-peer network infrastructure that is created upon blockchain technology. NKN is supported by Cellular Automata theory, which aims to revolutionize the internet with a true version of native token incentive and decentralization mechanism.