Theta Fuel Price Prediction for 2022-2025


The Fuel Behind Theta Fuel (TFUEL)

As the name suggests, the digital asset Theta Fuel (TFUEL) is a bi-product of the Theta Network. The Mainnet launched by Theta labs was a great success and fuelled by this phenomenal achievement this cryptocurrency was launched recently. TFUEL is set to operate in synchrony with the Theta protocol. The primary objective behind TFUEL is to facilitate knowledge and information sharing among users and so TFUEL shall be burnt when the users come in contact with smart contracts.

Theta Fuel Overview

Cryptocurrency Theta Fuel
Ticker Symbol TFUEL
Price $0.06924
Price Change 24h +10.22%
Price Change 7d -13.01%
Market cap $322,413,389
Circulating Supply 5,301,214,400 TFUEL
Trading Volume $22,291,966
All time high $0.6807
All time low $0.0008897
Theta Fuel ROI +258.04%

At the time of the mainnet, Theta Token holders will receive a free TFUEL at 1 THETA = 5 TFUEL; As a blockchain marvel, TFUEL coin boasts of itself as a creation of scientific algorithm and allows users to benefit from the content delivery networks by putting decentralized technology to good use offering two-layer validation system.

Theta Network’s main goal is to solve some issues which bane content delivery networks and streaming services. Its algorithm boosts participating nodes to allocate their unused bandwidth and computing resources, creating a decentralized platform. There are three types of nodes: 1) Edge nodes, 2) Enterprise validators & 3) Guardians.

Since the mainnet launch by Theta Labs, there has been one major upgrade, the mainnet 3.0 launch slated for June 2021. Mainnet 3.0, a key protocol extension, is the introduction of TFUEL tokens burning where Elite Edge Nodes will burn at least 25% of each TFUEL payment to the network. In addition to this, network transaction fees and smart contract fees are also burned taking this TFUEL perpetually out of circulation. In order to better align value with the transaction volume on the Theta blockchain.

What Fuels Theta Fuel (TFUEL)?

TFUEL has been the backbone of support for many live stream segments. A few major ones being Sliver.TV Samsung VR, Sliver.TV and MBN, Korea’s largest business news store. Theta decentralized platform currently supports two major native tokens, Theta and TFUEL.

Running in tandem with the Theta protocol, TFUEL is a well-established digital token created in the year 2019 and the platform enables a new delivery rate that can be adapted provided compliance is fulfilled on the Theta network.

The supply of TFUEL coins will augment with an initial annual target rate of 5%. Each network participant running the Validator node, or Guardian, will earn a share of that new TFUEL supply, proportional to the amount of THETA they are ordering and this converts into TFUEL rewards.

A dedicated team of experts with algorithmic expertise guards the token. Some of the people at the helm include Mitch Liu, Co-founder, and CEO who is also the co-founder of, Gameview, and Cofounder Tapjoy. He brings to TFUEL his Computer Science and Engineering from MIT.

Other experts include Jieyi Long, the CTO, and Cofounder, who holds a doctorate in Computer Engineering, and Ryan Nichols who is a Chief Product Officer at TFUEL and is also a Cofounder at a live video streaming.

Theta Token And Theta Fuel

While Theta is used to function in terms of enterprise validator note, users also benefit parallelly with the advantage of TFUEL. While the supply of Theta is pegged at the highest 1 billion, TFUEL currently has a circulating supply of 5.30 billion Tokens. Activities of Theta Fuel cryptocurrency are multifarious. It not only reinforces on-chain functions like payments to forwarders for sharing video streams or for deploying or interacting with smart contracts, but it also facilitates interaction for every video stream for users.

TFUEL coin permits the utility and purpose of each token to be separated. Empowering the micro and network operations, TFUEL acts to enable millions of transactions due to liquidity required among smart contracts and video streams. Also, the gaming industry is the largest beneficiary from TFUEL for resolving administrative matters for placing bets and operating where there is a requirement of two tokens at a given point in time. By offering security and following local regulations, Theta Fuel Cryptocurrency prevents a lot of juggling and manipulation in the betting world and affirms its legal position.