Velas Price Prediction for 2022-2026


What is Velas?

Velas is a blockchain technology-based company headquartered in Switzerland. It is an artificial intuition-operated DPoS blockchain ecosystem for interoperable and highly scalable transactions. Velas has the fastest Ethereum virtual machine or EBPF hybrid blockchain consensus, allowing up to 75000 secured transactions per second, and transaction confirmation comes within a maximum of 1.2 seconds. Moreover, Velas leverages the advantages of blockchain technology and tools to create a transparent, open-source, community-driven decentralized ecosystem. So, let’s get started with Velas price prediction!

Velas Overview

Cryptocurrency Velas
Ticker Symbol VLX
Price $0.07317
Price Change 24H +0.48%
Price Change 7D -4.07%
Market Cap $152,127,654
Circulating Supply 2,304,233,612 WVLX
Trading Volume $4,123,919
All Time High $0.572
All Time Low $0.01162
Velas ROI +243.86%

The fork of Solana with embedded EVM integration mainnet was launched in 2020. Velas is built with the solution based on Solana along with its additional features, and it is compatible with EVM and ensures scalability to the platform.

EVM allows Ethereum based dApps and DeFi protocols to work smoothly in Velas. In addition to that, Velas also supports all smart contracts built on the Ethereum blockchain. Velas’ freedom project is a boon for developers; they don’t have to pay back-end fees when building the projects.

The current price of Velas is $0.237, with a market cap of $541,802,226.67. Let’s learn more about what will Velas be worth, along with technical analysis and Velas price prediction!

What is VLX?

The native token of the Velas platform is called VLX. Utility coin is mainly used in three ways. Firstly, for staking. Traders can stake it and receive rewards for Block validation. In this case, Velas use delegated staking mechanism; stakers can delegate their token to the preferred node. There is no limitation for delegating the stake.

Secondly, all the services of the Velas platform, such as BitOrbit, are paid using the VLX token. Finally, users can trade and invest in VLX tokens like other cryptocurrencies. The advantages include payments made in VLX tokens that can be exchanged or sold at the current market rate through services like Bittrex, HitBTC. Velas is recommended to store the coin in Velas Wallet.

What Are the Advantages of Using Velas?

Velas allows the user to build decentralized applications; smart contracts backed up by quick payment confirmation. The cost of transactions is meager in comparison with the competitors in the industry. The ecosystem considers security, scalability, and interoperability as the main concerns. With Velas, buyers can build an application, run a validator node, integrate dApps from EVM, integrate an exchange, and partner in the grant program for contributing products and technology for the ecosystem’s growth.

To be a part of the competitive race in the blockchain industry, Velas has announced a plethora of new projects which are very useful for the customers. Some of them include VelasPad, BitOrbit, and Velas Account. Velas account uses biometric authentication of the user device for transactions and login requests.

No need for separate passwords. Velas account provides a 360-degree view of connected apps and sessions on all devices. Furthermore, the interface produces easy migration from centralized to decentralized solutions.

Bitorbit: It is a decentralized social media platform for accounts, chats, and content. Content developers can monetize their work, and followers can pay for it, and this avoids the complexity of middlemen’s involvement.

Velas Vault: Users can delegate the password security and keys to the segmentation algorithm using Velas Vault. The information will be distributed over the network, and most importantly, it will not be available for any of its participants. In the back end, it has various mechanisms to protect data privacy. Still, the system makes the user free from the responsible concerns of data privacy by taking responsibility for their advanced mechanism. Buyers will benefit in the following ways: storing their digital assets with different types of authorizations and securing and storing passwords from other services through Velas’ account authorizations.

Velas Wallet: This allows users to store cryptocurrency, stake, and transfer digital assets.

VLX Technical Analysis

The cryptocurrency market is back to a more enduring bullish trend for the December 7 trading session after the brutal fall of the previous week. Other than financial worries and monetary regulations, investors started omitting the concerns of the Omicron variant. BTC was surging to $50000, giving a confidence boost to the crypto market. Young investors are racing behind crypto-mania and picked up valuable digital assets at lower prices when the market had plunged last week.

The global cryptocurrency market hit $2.37 trillion, unfolding quite a growth. Total crypto market volume has touched $137.77 billion. Crypto enthusiasts and the crypto industry are not ready to pause for the worry of threat to the macroeconomic and financial stability of the nations. The current price of Velas VLX is $0.237, with a 24-hour trading volume of $17,122,663.27.

The coin’s market capitalization is $541,802,226.67, with a circulating supply of 2,283,522,550 VLX. The highest price at which the coin traded was $0.572, which is on November 4, 2021. An all-time low was noted at $0.01162 on October 16, 2019. Looking at the technical analysis chart, after Velas’ price had been hanging for two months, it went through price action in November, and prices started to surge, forming new highs. On November 4 2021, it touched the all-time high in the Velas price history.

Velas Prediction

After the Velas price increase on November 4 2021 formed a huge bearish candle on the chart with a sell Velas’ sign. After the continuous rise, this has happened with every token; investors lose interest in investing and witness a huge pullback in Velas’ price levels. After taking support at half of the rising coin, a slightly bullish trend started again.

Velas VLX started falling through a descending wedge pattern, and it was brutally retraced back to more than half of the raised level from the maximum price level. Velas’ price today is $0.237, currently there is a minor hike in the price which might turn positive in the near future.

Velas Price Chart

Immediate resistance for Velas VLX coin is placed at $0.349, and any rise above this is expected to take Velas to $0.408. Major resistance is placed at $0.463 above the range Velas can be predicted as a profitable investment for the short term. On the other hand, if the price of Velas fails to bounce back from the immediate support of $0.236, then a Velas VLX price can crash to $0.209 and major support at $0.164.

VLX Predictions

After analyzing the data of some of the major technical indicators, RSI is placed at 60.01. MACD is above the signal line for the past many days. Velas VLX price is above the 50 EMA and 20 EMA, and 200 EMA. VLX price prediction for the short term is bullish. Investors and traders can start to enter into Velas VLX.

Velas Price Predictions: 2022-2026

The Velas price has given a good return to investors for the last year. Significant returns in a single year made Velas worth it for those who had the coin in their portfolio. The volatility of digital tokens always depends on the prevailing market scenario. To some extent, the project team can control demand and supply. The inflation rate of the coin also affects its price. Velas’ price forecast is unrevealing long-term growth.

Let us have a look into Velas’ price predictions for the long term!

VLX Price Prediction 2022

During the second half of the year, it is predicted to move the price to $0.31, and the maximum future price expected is $0.32. The minimum price is expected at $0.29. Hence, the year’s average price is $0.31 range only based on our Velas price forecast.

VLX Coin Price Prediction 2023

Velas enthusiasts can expect a start at an average price of $0.35 and a minimum price of $0.31 as per our Velas price forecast. The VLX forecast predict the Velas price will touch $0.39 in the middle of the year, and the maximum value expected for the year is $0.38. By 2023 as per our Velas coin forecast, it will break the record of all-time high and will be moving to new highs.

VLX Crypto Price Prediction 2024

VLX crypto forecast foreseeing a beginning of $0.32 in January 2024. Velas’ price predictions show it will break $0.49 by July 2024. Velas’ forecast data hints that a maximum predicted range will be $0.40, a new addition for the coin value. Crypto lovers can invest for medium-term in the coin.

Velas Price Prediction 2025

Based on our VLX coin forecast, Velas’s future seems bullish in 2025. The year will start at $0.58. Velas crypto price forecast suggests the value will reach a maximum value of $0.53 in the year. VLX price prediction 2025 makes Velas be worth investing in five years from now.

Velas Price Prediction 2026

As per our Velas price forecast, investment in Velas will give significant returns as the price change is going to be quite high for the year. The maximum price is anticipated to be $0.45 with an average and minimum price of $0.43 and $0.39 respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Velas?

Traders can buy Velas or sell Velas from any of the following CEX CoinEx, Gate.Io, Kucoin,, HitBTC, Digifinex, or DEX include Uniswap, Pancake Swap. Velas’ forecast suggests that the coin will be a good choice for middle-term and long-term investment as the maximum price, average price, and minimum price, all are expected to grow.

Is Velas a good investment?

Analyzing data of the different price forecast system and 5 years period shows an increase in Velas’ price, and it is predicted that it will be a good investment for the future. As per Velas Coin Price Prediction, investors may earn a handsome amount in long term.

What is Velas’ price prediction 2030?

Shortage tends to encourage a rise in the price of Velas, and the value is expected to grow in the future. With the current market cap of $541,802,226.67, the future price of Velas may be at some risk, but with maximum research, the risk can be avoided. The maximum price can be approximately $1.14, the minimum price can be around $1.05, and the average price will be roughly $1.10 as per our VLX price prediction 2030.

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