Voyager Token Price Prediction for 2022-2026


Overview of Voyager Token

In the world of the cryptocurrency market, new technologies are showing up to compete in an already oversaturated market. Voyager token cryptocurrency is one of such entries, but with a lot of differences. Voyager token has a gained reputation for becoming a publicly-traded company. This boost of reputation resulting from being licensed now and the positive news has pushed Voyager’s rank to #91. Making its mark is always challenging for a cryptocurrency broker, but Voyager token VGX has clearly overcame those obstacles. Voyager token price today is trading above its average price, but what will be its future?

Voyager Token Overview

Cryptocurrency Voyager Token
Ticker Symbol VGX
Price $0.8294
Price Change 24H +36.13%
Price Change 7D +41.13%
Market Cap $326,809,419
Circulating Supply 278,482,214 VGX
Trading Volume $52,405,341
All Time High $12.54
All Time Low $0.01699
Voyager Token ROI +1604.07%

In this space, we will explore Voyager token VGX as we dig deep to understand the idea and, more importantly, why it is a good asset. So, let’s get started with Voyager price prediction!

What is Voyager?

Voyager is a crypto brokerage service offering a safe and secure crypto assets trading platform to investors and traders. The service started in October 2018, and now the platform supports over 50 crypto assets. It also uses a unique smart order routing technology connecting with other crypto exchanges. The leading company, Crypto Trading Technologies, is the group that made the Voyager with Stephen Ehrlich as the founder of the company.

The idea was to offer completely commission-free transactions for both buying and selling. Before executing the order, traders must pay only the quoted VGX price, which is already displayed to the user. The company has also received interest from Lightspeed Financial, and the team is experienced with mobile applications and trading. Thus, all of the fintech backgrounds from the members help in the further development of the platform.

There are several features for the Voyager platform, and some of these are listed here.

  • Liquidity: Voyager VGX has built a next-generation smart order router and custody solution to tackle liquidity issues. Orders are routed and divided between exchanges to offer the best execution for customers. The platform lets users custody their way with funds that are always liquid and secure, ensuring that users’ funds are secure and available when they need them.
  • Transaction fees: Voyager VGX performs a commission-free trading service. Consumers can trade knowing that they obtain the best execution possible without nonessential fees. Prices are up-front. Thus users can see the Voyager token VGX price and all other fees before executing a trade.
  • Accessibility: Several exchange interfaces can be intimidating for new users as well as experienced. So, it is critical to build applications that are accessible and easy to use when needed. The Voyager team has vast experience building highly flourishing consumer-centric applications such as E*TRADE, Apple, and Uber, which millions of people use worldwide. The Voyager group plans and makes each feature easy to use and accessible. This same design mentality is also used to build a straightforward and accessible wallet and trading interface.
  • Trustworthiness: The Voyager team has an extensive track record in the conventional financial industry and within the crypto world. Voyager token creates trust by prioritizing safety and accessible self custody choices for customers; through public equity, building trust and transparency with customers. The team works with industry leaders like Ledger Vault to execute highly secure, state-of-the-art custody solutions. Voyager token aims to create the safest consumer-oriented place to trade transfer and custody crypto.

What is Voyager Coin?

The native coin for the brokerage is the Voyager token VGX. It rewards the users within the Voyager ecosystem and generates interest. The platform has created an application for android and iOS that allows a seamless trading experience, yielding interest for the VGX tokens, offering cashback, rewards, and other services to users for sticking with the Voyager token VGX platform and services.

What is VGX Coin Used For?

The traders are rewarded by native utility token all around the ecosystem with rewards boosts, crypto back on trades, staking rewards, and more. In 2021, Voyager token (VGX) created VGX 2.0 that gives the ability to reward users with better incentives and bonuses. The VGX coin also powers the Voyager Loyalty Program, which provides incentives, rewards, and more depending on the number of VGX coins held. This program can be used to increase the growth of the user’s portfolio. For instance, here are a few ways VGX uses the Voyager Loyalty Program.

  • Rewards by VGX Staking: The VGX token holders automatically earn 7 percent annual staking rewards. Provided they have a minimum balance; the rewards are paid out monthly in tandem with the Voyager Earn Program.
  • Rewards Earning Boosts: VGX gives the user to grow multiple parts of the portfolio at once. By holding a VGX token, the user automatically receives boosted rewards for their BTC, ETH, and USDC.
  • Crypto Back on Trades: Voyager token using a smart order routing technology to get constant price improvement means that the platform tries to beat the quoted VGX price and fill a user’s order at the best price. Depending on the user tier, there may be 2 to 3 times price improvement for customers, which is paid out in VGX at the end of each month.
  • Referrals: When users are part of the program, they can boost their referral rewards. Depending on a user’s tier, each referral can help a user to earn up to $40 in crypto.

Ethos Token Rebranding to Voyager Token (VGX)

This year, the Ethos token was rebranded as a Voyager token (VGX). This broker token is a dynamic utility for powering the commission-free crypto trading and broker platform named Voyager. Before the merger, it was observed that the Ethos team shared similar visions with the Voyager token team. Ethos was founded on the idea of creating a financial ecosystem that is fair, safe, and open for everyone.

Voyager token is making crypto markets more accessible and open to its users, thus sharing the same vision. The teams decided to merge, and since their announcement, Ethos was able to accelerate Voyager’s growth and expansion by acquiring customers and opening product features such as crypto deposits and withdrawals. With the closing of the deal and approval from regulatory authorities, the product is expected to become more popular. After the rebranding, the users existing ETHOS tokens are automatically converted to VGX tokens.

VGX Technical Analysis

The Accumulation/Distribution indicator confirms high market participation as indicated by the chart moving up. It should, however, be noted that the VGX price wasn’t able to continue its upward trend meaning that some market participants used the sell Voyager token order to move it.

VGX Price Chart

It might be a good idea to buy Voyager token orders near the resistance level for traders using trend-following strategies. This would ensure that the correct entry point is established early in the trade without worrying about the Voyager token price rebounding to the 50-day moving average and placing the buy order there. Since  December 2021, the price is declining. There was a slight recovery observed in December end 2021 but again it fell.Voyager Token Prediction

The Bollinger bands show that the volatility exploded in November 2021 as the high market participation pushed the price of Voyager Token upwards in a short time. This caused the RSI indicator to generate an overbought signal. The volatility is still high, but traders could capitalize on this by placing the orders at the right entry point and ensuring that the resistance levels are crossed before exiting their positions. The current RSI is placed at 41.75.

Voyager Price Predictions

As said before, the VGX is a rebrand of the existing coin. Due to that, there may be some confusion on the chart’s history. The above chart is the history of the VGX coin. Experts believe VGX holds actual value, and the current conditions are good to initiate buy orders because it is close to the highs of August 2021.

As it can be seen, the start of the year increased the price of the Voyager token significantly. Experts don’t believe that the VGX encountered a temporary price increase at the beginning of the year, and the current price is way below the expected value of the VGX coin. It is expected that the average value of VGX will continue to rise, and, in a few months, the highest price will be reached, making the future of VGX coin great.

Voyager Token Price Predictions: 2022-2026

The VGX crypto price forecast is based on past prices and predictive data modeling algorithms. No Voyager token forecast can be 100% true due to volatility in the crypto market. Investment advice and predicted future price are always tentative. It is impossible to perfectly predict Voyager token’s price projection for the upcoming years with the average price displayed along with valuations and intrinsic values.

But Voyager price predictions serve as a tool, which can help improve the decision-making process. Regardless, adhering to proper risk management is always good. This is not financial advice, and any profitable investment system directly depends on various factors like risk exposure, or price changes. Traders and investors should do their own research before using any type of forecast system. After analyzing historical data, the Voyager token price forecast for five years are as follows:

Voyager Token Price Prediction 2022

As per the Voyager token cryptocurrency forecast, the price of Voyager token VGX is predicted to reach a minimum level of $2.06. The price of Voyager token can reach a maximum level of $2.40. The average price throughout the year will be around $2.19, based on our VGX token price prediction.

Voyager Token Price Prediction 2023

The Voyager VGX price forecast is to reach a minimum expected price of $2.23, with a maximum price of $2.69 in the year 2023. The average trade price throughout the year is expected to be near $2.43 price level based on our VGX price prediction.

Voyager Token Price Prediction 2024

As per the data price predictions models, the minimum Voyager token VGX price forecast level will be $2.06. According to VGX price prediction, the maximum price will be $3.18, with an average trade price of around $2.63 throughout 2024.

Voyager Token Price Prediction 2025

According to the technical analysis for the year 2025, the minimum Voyager VGX price prediction 2025 will be $2.90, and the maximum price level will be $3.69. Based on our VGX price prediction, the average trade price will be $3.24.

Voyager Token Price Prediction 2026

The Voyager price predictions show that the minimum price of Voyager VGX forecast is expected to be $2.72. The VGX price prognosis suggests that the maximum price will be $3.30, maintaining an average price of $3.02 in the year 2026.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where to buy VGX coin?

For investment, you can buy Voyager VGX digital coins from Binance and Uniswap v2 exchanges. Because of the trading volume and liquidity, these are the best exchanges for purchasing the VGX crypto. HitBTC is also a good way to swap out your existing cryptocurrencies for VGX tokens. As per our Voyager Token Price Prediction, the coin will be bullish, and both the minimum price and the maximum predicted price will increase.

How many VGX tokens are there in circulation?

Today’s price of the coin is $1.68, the circulating supply of VGX tokens stands at over 278,482,214 VGX, with a market cap of over $468,289,734.42. The last 24-hour trading volume is over $10,764,674.47. Similar to native tokens of other crypto brokerages, the Voyager token has also been issued, meaning that the circulating supply and the max supply are the same. The company has no plans of issuing more tokens for now.

What is Voyager coin price prediction 2030?

Based on the analysis and Voyager price prediction 2030, the maximum price is expected to be around $7.99 with an average value of $7.60. The lowest price during the year can be somewhere around $7.43. Investing for the long-term would turn out to be profitable in the future.

How is Voyager secure?

The Voyager token is an ERC 20 token, meaning VGX cannot be mined with a conventional proof of work crypto mechanism. It runs on the Ethereum network, and the network is well-tested, ensures high performance, and deploys the top security measures. It also incorporates public keys to increase its robustness for advanced security measures. The Voyager digital coin is safe by most standards and will likely increase and generate good investment returns for VGX investors as the bullish trend continues in the future.

Is VGX crypto a good investment?

VGX can be a new addition to the portfolio and the token holds a long-term earning potential as per our VGX price prediction. The technical analysis and latest news around the token are positive, and many investors expect a good return from it. The asset price is expected to rise as users increase, and the investing community shows more interest in the platform.

How safe is the Voyager token?

Voyager token has gone public, which means it is subjected to government regulatory authorities license and audit. It also needs to remain compliant with authorities and follow the protocols for a public company which increases the reputation and trust when it comes to judging the safety of the products and services it offers. It enables its users to manage their portfolios and monitor their profits/ losses using data technology. It also has an inbuilt fraud protection mechanism that protects against hackers and malicious activities. It is a licensed crypto broker that has received approval from Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Inc (FINRA).

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