WhiteCoin Price Prediction for 2022-2026


The Overview of WhiteCoin (XWC)

WhiteCoin (XWC) is a decentralized global blockchain technology invented in the year 2014. It is interconnected with inter-block innovative Multi Tunnel Blockchain Communication Protocol (MTBCP). MTBCP is a communication protocol that supports cross-chain information transmission.

WhiteCoin Overview

Cryptocurrency WhiteCoin
Ticker Symbol XWC
Price $0.4123
Price Change 24H -6.74%
Price Change 7D -51.51%
Market Cap $97,130,187
Circulating Supply 744,201,249 XWC
Trading Volume $3,170,675
All-Time High $2.62
All-Time Low $0.00006573
WhiteCoin ROI +4662.56%

The cross-chain blockchain is accomplished with the help of Random Proof of Stake (RPOS) consensus mechanism, products including WhiteCoin axis, WhiteCoin wallet, smart contract platform, fulfill the WhiteCoin XWC ecosystem.

After the initial distribution period, Whitecoin introduced XWC Token and launched in major exchanges, including Bittrex, Cryptopia, and Poloniex.

The Uniqueness of WhiteCoin (XWC)

Blockchain Asset Management

XWC adopted multi-asset management of the chain. The existing blockchain of XWC, such as BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH, EOS, ERC20, OMNI, has cross-chain circulation.

Turing Complete Smart Contract

Complex asset business is supported by turning complete smart contracts which include OTC, Asset certification.

Underlying Virtual Machine

It supports RPC and SDK interfaces of many development languages. WhiteCoin is trying to construct a new world of interoperability between blockchain.

Fundamental and Historical Data of WhiteCoin

After the public issue in 2014, the next time period till 2017 is considered as phase 1 of development in which WhiteCoin XWC coin is penetrating the digital coins market. In 2017, it was upgraded into POS 3.0, which has increased the price of XWC.

Website data of XWC shows for ensuring safety WhiteCoin XWC placed its reserve ratio as 100%. According to the high-efficiency RPOS consensus mechanism, the WhiteCoin parent chain produces a block every 6 seconds. It has introduced smart contracts standards by which users can develop customized programs with predefined functions.

Original transactions of WhiteCoin are confirmed within three seconds. Unlike fiat currencies, cryptocurrency is not regulated by central authorities. Hence its functional advantages make the coin strong and demandable in the market.

WhiteCoin Technical Analysis

WhiteCoin price today is $0.541 with a 24-hour trading volume of $6,394,314.77 and a market cap of $402,866,737.49. The average price change of WhiteCoin is 1.84%. There was a WhiteCoin price drop to $0.143 in the last trading session.

Whitecoin Prediction

WhiteCoin price fall continuing for the third trading session as per the WhiteCoin technical analysis chart. The price of WhiteCoin has broken the support level at $0.8823 in the last trading session and ended in a red candle. As per yesterday’s price data, the maximum value of WhiteCoin for the last 24-hour is $1.020.

The big bearish candle formed on the daily chart indicates XWC price fall may continue, and it is approaching the next major support zone. Any further XWC price drop from the current price of WhiteCoin is expected to touch the next major support level. The immediate resistance level is placed at $1.003 and $1.028. Whitecoin price has not shown any chance of price increase or trend reversal for the next trading session. XWC price forecast shows that any fall below $0.795 will be a sell WhiteCoin call for its traders.

The all-time high price of Whitecoin (XWC) was $2.788 on March 05, 2021, far away from the current price of WhiteCoin. The lowest price at which WhiteCoin traded is $0.0008265, which was long before.

Whitecoin Forecast

It was formed, round bottom pattern but could not sustain the breakout. The latest news in the crypto market is not favorable for any sudden price change and trend reversal. Based on predictions, the WhiteCoin crash was predicted from May 10 onwards.

Whitecoin Predictions

The Stochastic RSI indicator is dropped into the oversold region. The signal line crossing MACD line, MACD is falling below signal with strong bearish indication.

XWC Coin Price Prediction

Market Sentiment and Data Analysis

Market sentiments and expert price predictions on WhiteCoin XWC are bearish. Major indicators are showing sell WhiteCoin signals for the next trading session while the RSI indicator is neutral. The current price of WhiteCoin is hanging in a range and moving on a sideways trend.

As per technical set-up, WhiteCoin XWC price prediction for the upcoming trading session and ultimate oscillators also indicate a sell call. Whitecoin forecast, technical analysis, & market sentiments indicate traders can only expect a WhiteCoin price increase if it breaks the resistance level of $1.059. On charts, $1.257 is the next major resistance.

The price change was beyond predictions due to negativity and global sentiments. In the last six months, investors lost around 46% of their capital on WhiteCoin XWC. Only for the week, the price change was down by 5.17%. If the cryptocurrency market favors XWC/USD, then a trend reversal by respecting the near-term support can be seen in the short term. However, traders need to be cautious before aggressive entry at the current value.

WhiteCoin Price Forecast for Long Term

Whitecoin Prediction

WhiteCoin Price Predictions: 2022-2026

The average price data from the daily price chart of Whitecoin XWC shows that it has given a return of around 400% after the public issue and nearly 100% in the last year. Analyst and crypto enthusiasts are bullish for long-term momentum on WhiteCoin XWC due to its advanced technological developments, technical analysis, and price forecast. As per the crypto prediction data, In the future, XWC coin is expecting wide acceptance, increased value, and massive return for its investors.

Do most traders and investors have a question in mind that will WhiteCoin price go up in the future? Should we invest in Whitecoin? Our estimated WhiteCoin forecast shows that by 2022 end, the XWC price can go to a maximum level of $1.62 if it breaks the major resistance zone of $1.342. Still, it is not expected to break all-time high this year as per our future WhiteCoin (XWC) price prediction.

WhiteCoin Price Prediction 2022

WhiteCoin price predictions for 2022 are a maximum of $0.74. If no favorable news is backed up, XWC/USD price may not break all-time high for the next two years. It will be trading range-bound and sideways. On the downside, the coin price might drop slightly, but it may continue to stay above the $0.64 mark.

WhiteCoin Price Prediction 2023

The period of 2023 is predicted to be profitable for the future price of WhiteCoin. If the crypto community gives a green signal for XWC, it can reach a maximum price level of $0.82, and any good news in the crypto market can boost up the average price of WhiteCoin to break the ATH value.

WhiteCoin Price Prediction 2024

Based on our long-term price analysis and forecast for 2024, the future price of WhiteCoin reaches into $0.90 level. The expected prices of the crypto to make a new ATH. So, investors can buy WhiteCoin as it will be a profitable investment in the long term.

WhiteCoin Price Prediction 2025

The cryptocurrency market is expecting immense popularity after five years over the time frame. Business analysts are expecting increased market capitalization for tokens and wide public acceptance. The highest price of WhiteCoin is expected to hang $1.13 in 2025.

WhiteCoin Price Predictions 2026

According to the WhiteCoin prediction/forecast and technical analysis, in 2026, the coin price is estimated to cross an average price level of $6; the expected minimum price value of WhiteCoin by the end of the current year should be $0.85. Moreover, the WhiteCoin XWC price can reach a maximum price level of $1.01.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WhiteCoin a Good Investment?

If you are looking for crypto with a good return, XWC can be a good investment option. In the long term, the market cap and revenue are predicted to grow significantly.

Will WhiteCoin price rise in the future?

It shows bullishness for the long term. You can buy WhiteCoin as a long-term investment for a good return. Currently, investors cannot expect huge short-term returns.

Is WhiteCoin price prediction correct?

All the information provided is for educational purposes and understanding. Own research and proper financial advice are required before an investment decision. So decide to invest wisely when WhiteCoin price shows entry sign.

Where can I buy WhiteCoin?

It is available on major cryptocurrency exchanges such as BW.COM, ZB.COM, EXX, MEXC, LBank.

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